Silly stomach! Tricks are for kidneys!

What wonderful way to start the day - by sleeping through my favorite class! Then, in introduction to socialogy, I ignored the teacher for about half of it. Yay! What a wonderful person am I!

My stomach then decided that it wanted to be a silly stomach and play games with me. Am I nauseous? Am I sick? Will I ever throw up? Wait and see!!! Then, 15 minutes later, it decided that it liked me again. Silly stomach!

I heart The Complete Scoundrel

It so damn beautiful, it isn't funny. Full with prestige classes, SKILL TRICKS and feats galore, I love this book. Too bad it isn't mine. Oh well. One day. I still need to save up for the magic item compendium(also looks pretty, though it isn't out yet). Oh well. I think I'm going to start a D&D fund. Put aside about 5 dollars each week, and then every other month go and buy something D&D related.
I am working on a campaign for Sundays in which the players will be against dragons and other monsters that you always hear about with D&D, but you never encounter them. IE:
  • Beholders
  • Zombies
  • Liches
    and others that will remain nameless(because I forget what they're called).

    This is January?

    A few nights ago, I went to a role-playing game with some friends. Like any good RPG, it didn't get over 'till midnight. So we were walking back to Jim's car, when I realized something. I was wearing a tee-shirt. And I wasn't cold.

    We passed a thermometer thingy on the way to Steve's place, and it read 53 degrees out. May I remind you that it was Midnight? And January? IN MASSACHUSETTS!!! I know I probably shouldn't complain about this, but I really, really like snow. I like New England weather. We've had one snow, and that wasn't more than three inches. I miss winter.