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What wonderful way to start the day - by sleeping through my favorite class! Then, in introduction to socialogy, I ignored the teacher for about half of it. Yay! What a wonderful person am I!

My stomach then decided that it wanted to be a silly stomach and play games with me. Am I nauseous? Am I sick? Will I ever throw up? Wait and see!!! Then, 15 minutes later, it decided that it liked me again. Silly stomach!

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It so damn beautiful, it isn't funny. Full with prestige classes, SKILL TRICKS and feats galore, I love this book. Too bad it isn't mine. Oh well. One day. I still need to save up for the magic item compendium(also looks pretty, though it isn't out yet). Oh well. I think I'm going to start a D&D fund. Put aside about 5 dollars each week, and then every other month go and buy something D&D related.
I am working on a campaign for Sundays in which the players will be against dragons and other monsters that you always hear about with D&D, but you never encounter them. IE:

  • Beholders
  • Zombies
  • Liches
    and others that will remain nameless(because I forget what they're called).

  • You remember how I said that if I have a problem and I rant about it on live journal, it goes away? Well, FSC campus is now covered in a beautiful blanket of white. It's so pretty! Especially where people haven't walked yet. Hehe.

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    Current Mood: bouncyIt's snowing!!!

    Some cats I have had the dubious pleasure of meeting:
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    and, ok, a puppy tooCollapse )

    A few nights ago, I went to a role-playing game with some friends. Like any good RPG, it didn't get over 'till midnight. So we were walking back to Jim's car, when I realized something. I was wearing a tee-shirt. And I wasn't cold.

    We passed a thermometer thingy on the way to Steve's place, and it read 53 degrees out. May I remind you that it was Midnight? And January? IN MASSACHUSETTS!!! I know I probably shouldn't complain about this, but I really, really like snow. I like New England weather. We've had one snow, and that wasn't more than three inches. I miss winter.

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    Current Location: My own little world...
    Current Mood: bitchyI want snow

    Ok, it's been a while since I posted. Sorry, AD's lazy and posting to my journal doesn't seem very motivating when I could be making websites and watching star trek.

    Updates: Jim and I are still going out, I did not fail Philosophy, I have a 3.3 GPA, and I didn't throw a temper tantrum and kill Erin during my Christmas party. But oh I was tempted. Nothing like someone who is 'throwing a party with you' who brings a plate full of store-bought cookies two hours before. At least they weren't peanut butter(I made myself perfectly clear when she suggested that; peanut-butter cookies give me headaches and my dad full-fledged migraines).

    But yeah, no one died and I didn't end up shouting. So all was good.

    I suppose that since it is a new year I should feel obligated to make a resolution of some sort. So here it is:
    I, Albino Drow, with the power vested in me by my kitty cat, do solemnly swear with my fingers crossed to not rant quite so much about people to other people who have not met the people I'm talking about. Instead, I shall attempt to the best of my ability to make use of my live journal which was originally created for that purpose. Oh, and I'll try to lose weight.

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    Current Music: Rascal Flatts

    Really, there's no rational reason for mornings to start before 11. If they did, people would be awake, alert, and ready to take over the world daily! Wouldn't that be fun?

    In other news, I'm tired.

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    Current Music: Tempest

    Warning: the following post contains the random babblings of a hyper and over-caffienated earthling. Read at your own risk.

    Hi! Me again! Remember me? Yeah, the person who's rambling now. Hello.

    Ok, now I'm really woried about my Philosophy class. I'm either failing of just barely passing. No, not kidding. Other than that, my life is looking up. Doing well in the other classes. Hosting a Christmas party on the 30th. And oh yeah. I have a date today!!!!!.

    Now I know the cure to all my ills. Bitch about it on LJ and it will be cured. In a little more than two hours I'm going to see Borat with my friend Jim. I'm so excited!!!!


    Current Location: Commuter cafe in Mckay
    Current Mood: hyperhyper

    Ok, so I had to do this homework on China's population for my Global Issues class in a story format. I, being the oh-so-studious person ever, decided on Doctor Seuss'es style. The next day, I heard the teacher say that we wouldn't be doing homework any more. So, I don't hand it in. Next class, everyone's getting their homework back, and I start to hit the panic button. After class, I talk to the teacher, and she agreed to take it late. I love this teacher. In her class, I have to do a poster. Literally.

    I figured I'd post the poem here.

    China, the country, was fat
    It had so many people that
    If the weather changed minutely,
    The famine was felt acutely
    So the government planned
    To make a move many didn't understand
    People got riled
    'Cause they were told to have only one child.3

    Parents began to panic – what to do?
    If I have a girl, my choices are few.
    She eats the same meal
    But is less help in the field.
    And when it comes to bread on the table
    Her pay is not equal.
    Females just aren't a good yield.3

    “What now”, the parents thought.
    “What can I do without getting caught?
    Abortion's an option,
    We could put her up for adoption
    If the choice gets much harder,
    There's always murder.”3

    Now the policy's not absolute
    But the extra taxes leave large families destitute
    The growth is below replacement4
    At point-fifty-nine percent2

    In the end it's worked out.
    Though the activists still pout
    And with abortion abound
    The westerners still frown

    Well, today was weird. Got up, went to Global Issues(yes, the people there are still pansies), went to do my homework, got lunch, went to precalc, doodled, went to Computer science, found the teacher wasn't there, and went to my room, went to dinner, and went to a friend's room. Then things got interesting.

    We ended up watching very bad porn, talking, and some people started drinking. Then Steve and Little Jim started playing with coin connectors(Little Jim already had 3 drinks by this point). As Steve pointed out, you know we're nerds because we were watching porn and playing with connectors. The porn was taking the backstage.

    Then, after I started getting annoyed at the fact that there were so many people in one relatively small room, I went back to Aubbie and posted this little entry.

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    Current Mood: apatheticapathetic
    Current Music: Cynical World ~ Yuki Kajiura
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